Bastion #61

There are a lot of cool bikes on the market these days, but there is something truly unique and special about Bastion.  While they look absolutely stunning in person, it is the ride of a fully custom bike that separates them from many of the high-end 'super bikes' on the market.

The owner of this bike has a stable of very cool high end bikes, including the Colnago V2-R which we blogged about last year.  His fitness allows for a very aggressive position, so instead of needing the 130 -17 degree stem that he has on his Colnago, we were able to build this bike with a shorter head tube and longer top tube.  The ability to create custom geometry and layup is huge when it comes to how the bike rides. The custom paint was also an attraction as, in case you can't tell, this client loves black.

Check out the details of Bastion frame #61 below:


There is a lot of black going on with the front end. Fizik Tacky 2mm tape is a favorite for this client. In order to run the new Di2 internal bar end junction, we used a Pro Vibe Carbon bar. Compact reach, great ergonomics and super stiff while still being light with great vibration dampening. It is the only bar on the market built with Innegra carbon for greater impact resistance.  A K-Edge Garmin mount and an Enve stem round out the cockpit. 

The wheels are custom built Enve 3.4 rims laced to Industry Nine Torch hubs with Sapim CX Xray spokes. This is by far the most color we have seen on a bike owned by this client. When we suggested adding some flavor with anodized hubs, we were genuinely surprised to see anything except black end up on the bike. But, both the client and we love the way it came out.

While Bastion's 3D printed titanium hubs are one of their coolest features, we love the gloss black paint and matching badges.  You also can see the sun reflecting off the carbon tubes. While the top layer of carbon is purely cosmetic, it still looks super trick and unlike anything else out there. Also note the clean cable routing.


When it comes to cages, nothing beats Arundel in our opinion. There are some other good cages out there, but the positive 'click' in and out that these cages provide are just a step above.

Finally, Shimano's long awaited Power Meter has arrived!  The verdict is still out whether it will function without issue long term, but early signs are good. Plus, this client was willing to risk it. Normally, we are very hesitant to recommend new, unproven products, but Shimano historically does not release a product that isn't fully tested. Dura Ace Di2 front derailleur and pedals round out the build.

On the non-drive side, you can see the super beefy bottom bracket lug that nicely blends in with the Dura Ace power meter.


This is the very tidy rear end of the bike. One thing nice about a full Ti frame and the Bastion is a Ti derailleur mount. It is just that extra bit stiffer than a replacement aluminum mount on a carbon frame and is nearly impossible to bend. Note the unique carbon weave on the chainstays.


As you can read from the dropout, this is Bastion's 61st frame they have produced. Shimano has engineered a tremendous heat dissipation capacity on the group set.  Between the finned pads, Ice Tech Rotors (steel outside sandwiching an aluminum core) and rotor design help the air more efficiently flow around the rotor.

While the Selle SMP Evolution is not a saddle we constantly find ourselves going back to time and time again, there are people who find this works better than anything else. No two people's interface with the bike is the same, which is why personalized fitting is so important in creating the best riding experience possible.  Note the Enve clamp in the 3D printed Ti seatpost topper that has been custom painted black. 

This is super trick from front to back.


Time to clip in and ride!

Barry Strasnick