2020 Scott Road Bike Highlights

August means new model years for the bike industry. Scott has released what we think is their most impressive line up in recent history. Their all new, ground up redesigned, Addict RC is shipping starting in the Fall. The Foil Disc is offered in two very competitive builds again this year, now with some of the coolest paint jobs in the line. Their Endurance geometry Addict SE is back, along with inventory this year to support the demand. These are the models we think are the most impressive and best bikes to actually own.

Addict RC Premium

Addict Premium.jpg

The highest end of the all new, ground up redesigned Addict RC’s for 2020 is the Premium. The only model on offer with their lightest HMX-SL carbon lay up. It is fully kitted out with Red AXS and Syncros One Piece, fully internally routed bar and stem. It comes in at just a tad over 15 pounds.

They will be very limited, so if you want one, act now to reserve it. They will also be selling this as a frameset, but do not expect that until 2020 at the soonest.


Addict RC 15

Addict RC 15.jpg

This is the best value and what we think will be the most popular Addict RC in 2020. Full Ultegra Di2 Disc with quality Syncros wheels (re-branded DT Swiss) and a two piece, yet still fully internal, front end. Because the front end is two piece, changing parts for the correct fit is a less expensive proposition, as well as something you can tweak as time goes on if need be. It still has their World Tour level HMX carbon. This is 80% of the bike above for less than half the price.


Foil Premium

Foil Premium.jpg

While the Foil only undergoes new paint for 2020, it is not like they had to improve anything. The Foil Disc is still hands down the best aero bike for New England. It is nearly as aero as anything on the market, yet unlike many aero bikes, the ride is shockingly comfortable, more so than some all around race bikes. Handling is stellar, but you do give up a slight amount of weight and the feel is not ultra sharp as on the new Addict RC. We have had ex pro racers, Cat 1’s, PMC’ers and even just weekend riders buy this bike and love it.

This bike has one of the best paint jobs we have seen of any 2020 model, HMX carbon and a full Dura Ace Di2 Disc build kit with quality Syncros wheels. Amazing value for the money on a frame that for many is second to none.


Foil 10


Same bike as was on offer last year, just again, fresh paint. This was one of our most popular bikes of the year and for good reason. It is an amazing bike to train, race and live with in New England. Smooth, fast and precise, you are getting a solid HMF frame, full Ultegra Di2 Disc build kit and quality Syncros wheels.


Addict SE


The bike we have wanted for so long is finally going to be available in real numbers. Scott’s Addict platform has an endurance geometry which is better fit wise for around half of our clients. It gives up nothing in the performance department as the bike corners like it is on rails, is stiff and light, yet smooth on harsh pavement. It is built with HMF carbon and has a full Ultegra Di2 Disc build kit with quality Syncros alloy wheels. Some might want to upgrade to carbon or a light and stiff Kysrium Pro or custom built wheelset, but the stock wheels are bombproof and will last.


Mountain bikes to follow!

Barry Strasnick